Thankful on Thursday … and Every Day

Every night, before I go to bed, I write in a gratitude journal as a way to end my day on a positive note.  Nothing profound or poetic.  Not even in full sentences.  Just a quick list of things that made me smile or gave me pause.

Most nights, it’s easy to rattle off two or three things because I have a lot for which to be thankful.  But some days I struggle to remember how lucky I am and that even the bad days could be much worse.  Some days suck and some people suck, but every day there is something — or someone — for which to be grateful.

69e8675ec58aef14981a66d19f7bb20fSince tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I want to dedicate this post to the people in my life for whom I am most grateful.  Specifically, …

  • my husband, who supports me and loves me, despite all my idiosyncrasies, issues and insecurities (I love him despite his faults, too, so I guess we’re even)
  • my kids, who make me proud and melt my heart (they do drive me crazy on a daily basis and even piss me off sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world)
  • my parents, who are two of the most generous, supportive people I know (and equally as opinionated and stubborn)
  • my sister, whose easy-going attitude reminds me to be more flexible and not sweat the small stuff (she’s also as generous, opinionated and stubborn as my parents)
  • my girlfriends, who are more like my sisters, therapists and playmates rolled into one (I just wish they lived closer)
  • my trainer and my fellow boot campers, who motivate me and keep me accountable (they also don’t judge how many times I pee during class)
  • my blog readers, whose compliments and words of encouragement keep me writing

Of course, I am also grateful for my health and my home, and the fact that we have food in the fridge and money in the bank.  How could I not be thankful?  But in addition to the usual suspects of health, wealth and family, I am appreciative of a few less-important things that make my life a little bit happier (and easier) each day.  Notably, …

  • Carpools … every busy mom needs a reliable carpool or two (or five)
  • Friendly neighbors with kidsitting (that’s what we call babysitting for older kids) teenagers and helpful neighbors who sew better than me … thanks again, Tracy
  • Satellite radio … because sometimes a girl needs to kick it old school
  • Heated car seats … two words: warm buns
  • Under eye concealer … do I really need to explain this one?
  • Peppermint green tea and dark chocolate covered almonds … delish!
  • My tall, red Hunter rain boots … with calves finally small enough to wear these, I no longer dread rainy days
  • My food processor, NutriBullet 900, mandolin and zucchini noodler … four small appliances that see as much action as a college co-ed

My list may sound shallow, but if it makes me happy or makes me better, gives me strength or gives me peace — be it important or petty, big or small, tangible or intangible — I am thankful for it this Thanksgiving … and every day thereafter.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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