Summer Lovin’

Believe it or not, summer is half over already.  Six weeks from now, the kids will be back at school, complaining of homework, tests and projects.  This harsh reality slapped me in the face back on July 3rd, the day I received the first “Back to School Sale” email of the season.  It was wedged between an email from “horny Becky” (by the way, the “h” word is on my gross words list, along with the “f” word and “m” word) looking for a good time and one from Target promoting all things red, white and blue for Independence Day.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, yesterday I received the first catalogue featuring Halloween decorations.  No joke.  Halloween promotions on July 21!

As a planner, you’d think I’d appreciate these early offers.  I don’t.  I prefer order and schedules.  One holiday at a time.  Mixing back-to-school with the Fourth of July or introducing thoughts of pumpkins, witches and ghosts when I’m just getting used to the summer heat stresses me out.

I’m the first to admit that by the time we reach the end of August, I’m happy to see the kids return to school (click here to read last year’s post on this very topic).  I say it (and write it) all the time:  I love my boys, but I need my space.  That said, I’m not ready to shop for, or even think about, school supplies.  Sale or no sale.  Flip flops and sunscreen, strawberries and summer squash … That’s what I want to see on sale now.  Not pens and pencils, costumes and faux cobwebs.  It’s just not time yet.

So I, for one, am boycotting thoughts of school, autumn and its subsequent holidays until at least August 31 when my boys go back to school.  Bring on more sunny days, warm nights, fireflies and barbecues.  Backpacks and lunch boxes can wait a few more weeks.



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