Rough and Tough and Moving On

This past week and a half has been rough.  Emotionally draining and exhausting … and unproductive to boot.  My floors are filthy, my refrigerator is empty and my blog has been stale all week as a result.  I’ve been so consumed by my own issues that I’ve neglected everything and everyone around me — except when I was a raving lunatic, screaming at someone for something trivial.  Can you say misplaced anger and anxiety?

It may not have been pretty, but I’m better for it.  The turbulence of the past 12+ days was the final step I needed to close an ugly chapter in my life.  It was tough, but necessary in order for me to move on.  What got me through was a lot of “me time” that included the following:

  • Mornings at the gym
  • The occasional afternoon nap
  • Dark chocolate covered almonds
  • Old school music played way too loud
  • Date night with my husband
  • Phone calls and texts with my besties
  • Open and honest communication with my family

Life isn’t always easy and bad things happen to good people.  Truth be told, everyone is dealing with something and sometimes we need to do what’s best for ourselves in order to survive.  Even if it seems selfish.  For me, writing this blog and going to the gym are what I need.  Sharing my thoughts makes me feel less alone, and being stronger physically makes me stronger emotionally.  I am a better person thanks to HPATC, Force Fitness and my computer.


But I am also lucky to have a strong support system.  My husband is my rock.  He’s pragmatic and calm — the complete opposite of me.  He may not always verbalize what he’s feeling, but his actions speak volumes.  My girlfriends are my sisters.  They know when to make me laugh, when to let me talk and when to just let me be silent.  They each provide me with something different, and it’s always what I need.  My sister is my inspiration.  She knows how to let things go and she doesn’t dwell in the past.  I’m trying to be more like that, but it’s not always easy.  And my parents … They are simply amazing.  Their unconditional love and support was exactly what I needed to close this chapter and move forward.

So yes, it was a rough week, but I survived.  I’m back to being productive (I cleaned the house, bought groceries and wrote this post) and even upbeat.  In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche and Kanye West, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”  Word.



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