Resolution Do-Over

January was not a very successful month when it came to my #3 Resolution — to be a better version of myself.  Let’s just say that if screaming burned calories, I’d be shopping for smaller pants now.

Maybe it was the post-holiday food hangover guilt.  Maybe it was the bitter cold and all those extra days home with the kids (between holidays and snow days, I think they had only one full week of school in January!).  Or more likely, it was the self-imposed, unrealistic pressure to live up to all my resolutions in the first month (I know — crazy.  This is why I’m rehabbing.).  Whatever the reason, I failed miserably in January.  I yelled too much, cursed too much, and stressed too much.  If you live anywhere near me, I’m sure you heard me.  It wasn’t pretty.  [I am, however, giving myself a pass for that one week I was on a detoxing cleanse (hungry + angry = hangry!), but even that was my decision so I have to own it and my bad behavior, too.]

Depending on which article you read, researchers indicate that anywhere from 33% -to- 95% (!) of all resolutions will be abandoned by the end of January.  So should I join the ranks of those who throw in the towel after round 1 and keep on screaming (I am really good at it), or do I stand strong, start over and learn to use my “inside voice”?

Turn the page on the calendar because I’m calling for a do-over.

It’s now the beginning of February and I say bring it on! My head is in a different place and hopefully my mouth will follow.  I am encouraged and motivated by all the kind messages I received this week after my inaugural post.  Having this blog and announcing my intentions publicly makes me accountable.  I thrive on accountability.  No hiding, no excuses, just do it.


I’m on a mission to “do better” this month.  February is all about love (and chocolate, my vice), so what better month to start over than February.  Maybe I’ll reward myself for each successful day with a small treat like I did for my boys when they were being potty trained.  Instead of stickers, lollipops and Matchbox cars as enticements, I’m thinking more along the lines of a (gluten-free) cupcake, a mani/pedi, or even new workout clothes.

Then again, the satisfaction of knowing that I’m setting a good example for my boys will be reward enough … but if I do see a cute pair of yoga pants on sale, I might just get those, too.


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5 thoughts on “Resolution Do-Over

  1. I’m so happy you can write what goes on in my head! And I thought I was the only one to be happy January was over so I can really go for it now! So thanks for the permission ( not that I need it) to eat my chocolate and be careful because you may just find a Cadbury egg make it’s way to you soon-xoxo

  2. “OMG” I really thought I was the only one. It had to be in the air because I did a lot of yelling in january. I did just quit smoking for the second time and vow “NEVER AGAIN”. I have a lot going on so maybe I should give myself a pass too. Great advice and now that my excuse is gone “treadmill city” LOL.

  3. oh lauren. this blog is my new favorite. im so over whelmed with this weather and no heat or water or power that your writings bring me a laugh. at a motel btw which is why I’m actually able to read this. anyway, more power to you and i too have turned into a sailor the last couple of days in terms of how i speak and i may have actually flipped my boys off during candyland yesterday.

  4. This is just the sort of “read” that I need! Thank you! You inspire me to be better in so many ways, and I may need to re-read this blog over and over again… once a week might not be enough!

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