Pee on the Seat and Other Bathroom Issues That Plague Me

Toilet paper should hang over the roll, urine should be cleaned up and toilet lids should be closed.  Simple rules, right?

I taught my boys during the potty training process that lifting the seat before and putting it back down afterwards was part of the urinating “routine.”  Just like the “shake it out” move before pulling up your pants, it’s just what you do.  For the most part, this lesson has stuck with them … You’re welcome, future wives.

It is rare that a toilet seat is left up in our house (thankfully), but that might be because it wasn’t lifted in the first place.  The only thing worse than falling into a cold toilet bowl is sitting on a urine-coated toilet seat … I’m sorry, future wives.


But pee on the seat isn’t the only bathroom issue that plagues me.  Other irksome situations include:

  • Pee on the floor — It’s just as gross, maybe even more so than pee on the seat.  Aim!
  • Pee (or worse) in the toilet bowl — Ok, pee in there doesn’t really bother me too much, but the other does.  Flush!
  • An open toilet cover — One word: germs.  Close the lid (before you flush)!
  • An empty toilet roll — This is just rude.  Replace it!   And leaving a new roll on top of the empty one is lazy.  Put in on … oh, and be sure the paper hangs over, not under.  Side note:  I read an interesting article about toilet paper here that gives a little history, a few data points and a summary of how your orientation preference (over or under) synchs with your personality.  It was spot on for me and my preference.

I’m not saying that there’s always urine on the floor or poop in the toilet, but the boys could be a little tidier.  Luckily, we have multiple bathrooms so the bad aim and other lavatory calamities are mostly limited to their own personal bathrooms, which they are supposed to clean weekly (supposed to being the operative words).  After all, cleanliness is next to godliness.


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