One Down, Forty More to Go

Week #1 of the new school year is officially in the books.  Thanks to the long Labor Day weekend, the kids only went to school for four days this week, and it’ll be another four-day week next week, too.  This is probably a good thing because our first four days weren’t pretty.  Here are our less-than-stellar highlights, by the numbers:

  • One lost algebraic calculator (lost on the first day, nonetheless!)
  • Two rough mornings, complete with running after the morning school bus
  • Three begrudging trips to Staples
  • Four “parent homework” assignments (WTF?!)
  • Five school checks written (for those “extras” not covered by my tax dollars)

It really was kind of a record-breaking week for the Tarrs.  Losing something on the first day was a first.  Last year, nothing was lost until the end of the first week and I think we made it to week #2 before we had to chase down the morning school bus.  As for those trips to Staples, I think even the cashier felt bad for me  The first visit was to buy a replacement calculator, the second was to return said calculator after the original was found in my seventh grader’s locker (I’ll say it again, having a penis makes you blind — or at least gives you tunnel vision) and the third was for yet another “required” 3-ring binder.  For the record, I refuse to step foot in Staples again for the rest of the year.  When my kids come home next week asking for book socks to cover their text books, guess what I’m going to say? … No way, Jose!  The Tarr boys will be kicking it old school with brown paper bag covers on their text books.


Good thing I collect Whole Foods shopping bags!

Next week, we get to start over.  I hope my kids will wake up on time.  I hope they won’t lose anything.  I hope I won’t have to go to Staples.  But even if it’s a less than perfect week once again, I will remind myself of the alternative (two kids home, under my feet all day!) and be grateful for the few hours of solitude that I gain when school is in session.

One week down, forty more to go … We got this!


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3 thoughts on “One Down, Forty More to Go

  1. I love reading your blog and today just brought back memories of Life with the Keryc kids during the first week of school. After reading, sat back poured me a glass of wine and am so happy that I am a 67 year old Grammy!

    • Thanks for reading, Lorraine … I’m trying to enjoy the “kid years,” but some days I”m jealous of you grandmas!

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