Downgrading From an “A” to an “A-minus”

Until recently, I identified myself as a Type A personality.  In most aspects of my life, I am textbook Type A:  anxious, controlling, sensitive, competitive and highly organized.  But in some other areas, not so much.  This contradiction has led me to believe that I’m not really a Type A personality, but more of a Type A-minus … and The Huffington Post has now validated me.

I am a walking oxymoron.  My closet is meticulously arranged, but inside my dresser is a mess.  My iCalendar is color-coded, but my grocery lists are scribbled on the back of random envelopes.  My emails are read and discarded immediately, but my pile of unread magazines is overflowing.  According to a recent Huffington Post article, this contradiction makes me a Type A-minus personality.

As stated by Healthy Living Editor, Lindsay Holmes, Type A-minus personalities are “particular about most things, but laid back about others.”  BINGO!  This is so me!


Being Type A-minus explains so much.  It explains why I can’t have dirty dishes in the sink, but often leave the laundry in the dryer for days (and then have to dry it all over again to get the wrinkles out).  It explains why I can’t get into an unmade bed at night, but will walk past a basket of folded laundry for nearly a week before putting it away.  It explains why I can’t handle long lines and traffic jams, but can easily waste three hours on Pintrest, Twitter and Facebook.  It explains why I’m fastidious about so many things, but flippant about others.  It explains me to a tee.

Guess this means I should update my profile page … I am Lauren Tarr and I am a proud, Type A-minus, crazy lady.


Now if someone would just create an A-minus bra, I’d be all set!


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3 thoughts on “Downgrading From an “A” to an “A-minus”

  1. My jaw kept dropping as I was reading. I knew we’re friends for a reason!!! There isn’t a single item you described that I can’t relate to! Type A minus. Ha! Who knew! Thanks, Lauren….quite a revelation!

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