Back to School, Week #2: Reality Check

Last week, I wrote about the most wonderful time of the year … the start of a new school year.  I love routines and schedules, and of course getting my life and house back.  I get sh*t done when school’s in session!

But not everyone agrees with me.  That’s okay, I respect that.  My guess is that those in opposition to my back-to-school euphoria are probably way more easy-going and carefree than me.  I wish I could live more spontaneously … have no plans … let the days unfold as they will … but it stresses me out.  So routines and schedules are my thing and I’m okay with that.


True words for us Type-A planners

We are now almost finished with week #2 of school and reality has set in.  In my state of bliss, I had forgotten how much I dislike some of the things that come along with the start of a new school year.  To be more specific, I do not enjoy …

  • waking up sleepy boys — Yes, they use alarm clocks, but that selective hearing gene seems to get stronger as the school year wears on.
  • making school lunches — I would have the boys make their own lunches, but left to their own devises, their bags would be filled with less-than-nutritious choices.
  • running up hill to catch the school bus — We’re only on day #7 and already we’ve had to chase down the bus three times … oy!
  • doing homework — First week of elementary school assignments always involve photos, which means it’s really my homework.
  • shopping for school supplies (with the rest of my town) — Like the great Martin Luther King, Jr., I, too, have a dream … that one day supply lists will to be issued at the same time as class schedules (read: in advance) so we can shop at our leisure.
  • the premature push for all things autumn, especially Halloween — I love fall, but it’s still officially summer.  I’m not ready for sweaters and boots yet, let alone pumpkins and Halloween candy.
photo 2-91

Wasn’t it just Labor Day three days ago?  Even the grocery stores are pushing Halloween too early.

So as we wrap up week #2, my eyes are now open again and I’m prepared to take the good with the bad.  We’ll find our rhythm.  We’ll get into our routines.  And I will create a way to make the crappy parts of back to school more bearable.  I’m already compiling a morning “wake up” playlist to blast and thinking of having the boys make their next-day lunches while I make dinner each night … although I’m not sure how that second one will go over.

Only 3 weeks until our next day off from school … early L’Shana Tova!


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