Sorry, Not Sorry … The “No Post” Post

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know that my posts are sometimes serious, sometimes snarky and sometimes nonexistent.  Occasionally, I miss a week here or there (like last week).  I’m sure you’re disappointed when you don’t get to read some pithy piece by me each week, but while I won’t apologize, I will explain.  Missing a post usually falls into one of four categories:

1. I’m busy (sort of) – Running the house and kids’ schedules is hectic, but manageable most days.  In between getting the kids off to school, going to the gym, running errands, chatting with girlfriends, shuttling kids to practices, cooking dinner and doing housework, I usually have time to write.  But things are heating up around here because I’m bringing home the bacon once again with a new freelance gig that has me on a deadline.  Let the juggling begin!


2. I’m distracted – I’m not sure if I’ve become a master procrastinator in my 40s or if I have developed adult-onset ADD, but either way, I have days when I jump from one thing to the next (depending on my mood) and have trouble completing anything I’ve started, including blog articles.


3. I’m negative – As the saying goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.  Well, some weeks that’s why I don’t post.  My goal is always to end each piece on a positive note, but sometimes I’m in a funk and that silver lining is harder to find.  Sometimes, silence is golden.


4. I’m uninspired – Simply put, sometimes I’m just not feeling it.  Some weeks are very mundane.  Nothing exciting happens and nothing grabs my attention enough to write about it.  If a piece feels forced, I won’t publish it.  My heart has to be in it.


* BONUS EXCUSE – The kids are home.  Snow days, flood days, in-service days, half days, vacation days … These are all synonyms for “No Writing Days.”  ADVANCED NOTICE: Next week is Spring Break around here, so I doubt I’ll be writing/posting.


When I started this blog two years ago, I was determined to approach it like a (part-time) job.    I wanted to be taken seriously as a professional writer, so  I set up my “office” in our home study, parceled out a desk drawer for my files and bought a slew of pretty notebooks (I’m an old-school, pen-and-paper kind of girl).  I scheduled set working hours and established weekly deadlines to keep me accountable, focused and on task.  This was my plan and it worked for a while … until it didn’t.

Missing a (self-imposed) deadline to post a new piece used to upset me a lot.  It caused me stress and anxiety, made me bitter towards my family and disappointed in myself.  Not so much any more.  I may be momentarily disappointed and briefly annoyed, but I’m learning how to move on from the negative feelings and cut myself some slack.  Accepting my Type A-minus personality and embracing my slacker side has made this task easier for me.  I recently met a fellow blogger (shout out to the Hyphenista) who told me she hadn’t posted anything new since October.  And while she wasn’t happy about it, she also wasn’t sweating it.  Her declaration made me realize something:  This blog isn’t just another obligation on my “To Do” list.  It’s my passion.  My joy.  My outlet.  It makes me feel sane and connected, and it gives me purpose.  It’s because of Gina that I remembered my resolve and now give myself permission to miss a week here and there without the old guilt or resentment I used to feel.  Life happens and no one’s going to die if there isn’t a new RosesAndArmpits post.  There may be tears, but no bloodshed.

So while I’m learning to cut myself some slack, I’m asking you to do the same.  I’ll do my best to post my weekly rants and life observations, but if I miss a week here or there (as I know I will next week), know that I’m sorry … Kind of … Well, not really, but I still love you for reading my blog religiously — as you should.